Here’s Gregory’s November 19, 2017 Teaching with Worldwide Insight

Gregory offers a teaching with the Worldwide Insight Community.  He begins with a meditation and then offers a talk about the Five Tenets of a Whole Life Path.

Many long for a way to “integrate” their Buddhist practice with what is often called “the rest of my life.” This often fails. Doesn’t integration refer to separate things that must be brought together? In this talk, Gregory will offer what he calls the Five Tenets of a Whole Life Path, a practical, yet demanding, way of engaging the teachings such that no action, no moment, no thought, is left out. There is no separation.

*Update, March 11, 2019: Gregory has added a sixth tenet.

1. The Dhamma is the foundation.
2. All the teachings are practices.
3. No moment is left out and no teaching is left out.
4. All teachings can be experienced here and now.
5. The teachings must be let in fully.
6. The teachings are engaged individually, in relationship, and socially.

Please see the March 3, 2019 Worldwide Insight recording where he offers a talk that on the sixth tenet, The teachings are engaged individually, in relationship, and socially.

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