Insight Dialogue: Interpersonal Mindfulness and Compassion

IDTeachers2015Insight Dialogue is an interpersonal meditation practice based in the wisdom teachings of the Buddha. It has the same purposes and traditional roots as silent meditation: developing mindfulness, compassion and liberating insight while investigating present moment experience.

The foundation of Insight Dialogue is a whole-life vision of the spiritual path: every moment of our lives is part of our path, so our meditation should include both interpersonal and individual practices. The roots of suffering run deep; to dissolve them we fully meet all things—including other people—with alertness and care.

An astonishingly effective way of generating deep insights – Leigh Brasington

The Insight Dialogue Practice Guidelines

Insight Dialogue practice unfolds simply: after a period of silent sitting meditation, people are invited into pairs or larger groups to develop mindfulness and tranquility together. They reflect on present moment experience with guidance from a topic such as change, kindness, death, or doubt. Some basic instructions support the meditative qualities of the practice. For example, Pause supports mindfulness, and Relax supports tranquility and acceptance. These two guidelines join the four others: Open, Trust Emergence, Listen Deeply, and Speak the Truth. By way of careful method, we can productively invite speaking and relationship into the full light of mindfulness and meditation.

Learn more about each of the Insight Dialogue guidelines from this audio series, which is also available for downloading on Dharmaseed:

How can I Benefit From Insight Dialogue?

Insight Dialogue harnesses the power of mutual support and our responsiveness to others in service of clear understanding and release. Mindfulness can become steady and keen in mutual practice. This helps transform reactivity into aliveness and care. We see where we are holding and we experience the joy of letting go. Many people find themselves experiencing significant insights when the mind brightens and relaxes in mutual practice. We can perceive with others what we cannot perceive alone.

Learn More and Find Practice Opportunities:

You can learn more about Insight Dialogue and find classes, retreats, and practice groups through Insight Dialogue Community website at

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