Gregory is currently teaching a significantly reduced schedule. The Metta Programs website offers many more Insight Dialogue retreats and practice opportunities available in a wide range of countries around the world, as well as online.


May 22-30
9 Day Residential Retreat
7th Annual Cascadia Insight Dialogue Retreat
Cascadia Insight Dialogue Retreat

October 20-29
Relationality As Such: An Insight Dialogue Retreat
9 Day Residential Retreat
Barre, MA USA
Lottery open.  Lottery will close end of day on June 15, 2017 and results will be released by June 22, 2017.
Barre Center for Buddhist Studies

November 19
Live Online Teaching with Worldwide Insight
(11am Pacific US Time, 2pm Eastern US time, 7pm UK time, 8pm European time)
Worldwide Insight


September 18-25, 2018
7 day Residential Retreat
Devon, England
Gaia House

September 29 & 30, 2018
2 day Non-residential Retreat
London, England
London Insight Meditation

October 5-8, 2018
3 day Residential Retreat
Springhill, New Hampshire, USA
Wonderwell Mountain Refuge

October 13-21, 2018
8 Day Residential Retreat
Barre, MA USA
Barre Center for Buddhist Studies


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